Westbound Transatlantic crossing — QUEEN MARY 2 — December 15–22, 2021

Westbound Transatlantic crossing

December 15–22, 2021

Take your place among the thousands of celebrities and dignitaries who have sailed across the Atlantic in unparalleled style and elegance. Join this select group of passengers who have taken a step back into history and embarked on a grand tradition of crossing in style. This seven-night voyage will take you from Southampton, England to New York City on board the Queen Mary 2. You'll be pampered with classic White Star service. On board the Queen Mary 2, you'll have endless activities to choose from; day and night. As they say, "It's the only way to cross." 

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Date Day Port Arrive Depart
December 15WednesdaySouthampton, England--5:00 PM
December 16ThursdayA Day at Sea!----
December 17FridayA Day at Sea!----
December 18SaturdayA Day at Sea!----
December 19SundayA Day at Sea!----
December 20MondayA Day at Sea!----
December 21TuesdayA Day at Sea!----
December 22WednesdayNew York, New York (Brooklyn)6:30 AM--

Westbound Transatlantic crossing — QUEEN MARY 2 — December 15–22, 2021

Occupancy: 3,052

Tonnage: 151,400

Inaugural Date: January 12, 2004

Remastered: June 2016

*** - DF, DC, and DB cabins have views that are obstructed by the lifeboats.

CUNARD PAST PASSENGERS: Please ask about possible special discounted rates available.

Additional Notes: Double fares are per person, based on double occupancy and single fares are per cabin, based on single occupancy. Fares include all meals, accommodations and entertainment! Prices are cruise only and DO NOT INCLUDE outbound air from the US to London. Please ask for airfare add-ons back to your home city. Fares are subject to availability and may change without prior notice. Port charges are also included in the above fares. Also included are the traditional PIED PIPER on board host and activities, subject to minimum participation. Taxes, gratuities, fuel surcharges, and optional insurance are additional.

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Pricing & Availability Last Updated 8/25/2020

Room Category Description RestaurantDouble Fares Single Fares
Category IFStandard inside, forwardBritannia$1099.00$$1099.00
Category iEStandard inside, forward or aftBritannia$1149.00$$1149.00
Category ICStandard inside - Higher deck forward or aftBritannia$1189.00$$1189.00
Category IBStandard inside - Lower deck midshipBritannia$1219.00$$1219.00
Category IAStandard inside - Higher deck midshipBritannia$1269.00$$1269.00
Category HBAtrium View inside - Lower deck midshipBritannia$1349.00$$1349.00
Category EFOceanview - Lower deck Forward or aftBritannia$1399.00$$1399.00
Category DFBalcony - ForwardBritannia$1499.00$$1499.00
Category DCBalcony - Obstructed View, Higher Deck Forward or AftBritannia$1529.00$$1529.00
Category DBBalcony - Obstructed View, MidshipsBritannia$1539.00$$1539.00
Category BZSheltered Balcony - Lower Deck ForwardBritannia$1649.00$$1649.00
Category BYSheltered Balcony - Lower Deck AftBritannia$1737.00$$1737.00
Category BVSheltered Balcony - Lower Deck Forward or AftBritannia$1809.00$$1809.00
Category BUSheltered Balcony - Lower Deck MidshipsBritannia$1879.00$$1879.00
Category BFBalcony - ForwardBritannia$1956.00$$1956.00
Category BCBalcony - Higher Deck Forward or AftBritannia$2039.00$$2039.00
Category BBSheltered Balcony - Lower Deck MidshipBritannia$2129.00$$2129.00
Category KCOutside single cabinBritannia$2364.00$$2364.00
Category KBOutside single cabinBritannia$2429.00$$2429.00
And for the Ultimate!
Category P2Junior SuitePrincess Grill$3989.00$$3989.00
Category P1Junior SuitePrincess Grill$4399.00$$4399.00
Category Q7SuiteQueens Grill$5319.00$$5319.00
Category Q6SuiteQueens Grill$5319.00$$5319.00
Category Q5SuiteQueens Grill$5889.00$$5889.00
Category Q4Penthouse SuitesQueens Grill$9149.00$$9149.00
Category Q3Royal SuitesQueens Grill$11149.00$$11149.00
Category Q2Duplex ApartmentQueens Grill$13299.00$$13299.00
Category Q1Grand Duplex ApartmentQueens Grill$16349.00$$16349.00